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C-Section scar massage timeline for recovery

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Massaging your c-section scar has so many benefits:

✴️ Promote healing and blood flow

✴️ Reduced pain and sensitivity around the scar

✴️ Improves the mobility/movement around your abdominal/pelvic region & prevents scar adhesions

✴️ Improves the appearance of your scar

If you have scar adhesions, you may experience things such as low back pain or tugging sensation in the lower abdomen.

So what can YOU do?

👉Week 1-3: Focus on scar desensitization AROUND your incision. Start with gentle fabrics and progress to different textures.

👉Week 3-6*: Progress on scar desensitization OVER your incision and start gentle scar massage AROUND it (this is only to commence once your incision is healed/closed). Consider using products such as silicone gel sheets or castor oil with a heat pack to expedite healing, reduce scar tissue formation and breakdown current scar tissue.

👉Week 4-6+: Start to massage directly ON your scar (depending on your healing process).

**Disclaimer: Please note that this timeline is VERY general and not considered medical advice. Please consult a healthcare professional prior to commencing, such as a pelvic physiotherapist.


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