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Upcoming Events

Find out what workshops, webinars and group classes are coming up next:

Restorative Movement for Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

This rehab class is an extension of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy treatment for clients who need support modulating their nervous system.  

During this restorative movement class, clients are able to bring their attention to their breath and bodily sensations, their emotions and their minds with the purpose of being present in the moment. Clients will also discover innovative breath and movement patterns to release pelvic tension. These movements that are aimed to help them activate their parasympathetic nervous system to promote muscle relaxation patterns which puts the body and mind into a state of calm and healing.

Please contact us to book this class.

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Paediatric Pelvic Health & Toilet Learning Workshop

Wondering if it’s the right time to start potty training? Want to make sure you have the right tools you need to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Facing troubles and/or resistance from your child? 

Join me to answer these questions and more! We will cover signs of readiness, learn optimal toilet learning strategies, and review common paediatric pelvic health conditions, like bed wetting and constipation.

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Maybe someone suggested you get pelvic floor physiotherapy, but what does that mean?⁠ Now is your chance to find out - join us for a FREE workshop that will introduce you to the basics so you can better understand how pelvic health physiotherapy could help you. ⁠⁠ 


If you are pregnant or newly postpartum, if you've ever peed a little when you jump, cough or sneeze, if you've experienced painful intercourse, felt persistent lower back, hip or pelvic pain, or if you've felt a heavy feeling 'down there', this workshop is for you.⁠ 

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