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How Do Physios Manage Their Own Neck Tension?

Physios are super-humans that don't get tightness in their necks, said nobody every. In fact, between client appointments, in the depths of lunch hours, if you pay close attention, you will see physios releasing their tight muscles in the shadows!

Personally, I seem to get tightness building up around my neck. If I had to specify one structure it'd probably be the #levatorscap that seems to bother me the most. I mostly get it on days when I'm on the computer quite a bit either doing documentation or running my business. So what do physiotherapists do to manage their own tension?

Exactly that. I usually grab a lacross ball or whatever firm ball I have nearby. Then I find the point that needs work (check out our IGTV for an example of how exactly to do this 3 different and easy ways @raisethebarphysio). And I line up against the wall to apply a firm but comfortable pressure. The ball should essentially be at a soft point right above the corner of the shoulder blade. I'll hold the pressure and sometimes move around that area back and forth for about 1-2 minutes. That's all I need.

I urge you to check out our instagram page to see where exactly I put the ball because placement is everything. But once you get the right spot, you'll feel the localized pressure. Sometimes this can even shoot up into a #headache and that's very common. Either way, after a couple minutes the relief I get is quite noticeable. Hopefully you get similar effects from this.

Of course, this is not medical advice and I can't say for sure this is what you need so I recommend you get seen by a physiotherapist. But this technique is relatively safe and convenient so if you try it let us know what you think!

Me before I release my neck -->

Me after I release my neck -->

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